Gallery One, Cleveland Museum of Art

From 18-19 September 2013, Museums and the Web led a visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art for more than 50 museum professionals to experience the recently installed Gallery One and ArtLens projects. Throughout the 1.5 days of workshops, tours and conversation, we recorded tweets and photographs documenting the community’s reaction to these groundbreaking uses of technology in the Museum. To these we have added blog posts and documentation provided by CMA staff to create this online presentation of the technology, content, and experiences of Gallery One and ArtLens.

This MW@CMA showcase is meant to be a living document, so we welcome further views, reviews, and additions as the project grows and the community continues to reflect on its impact and meaning for the sector. Please feel free to leave comments here or contact us at

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Space and Staffing
  3. Studio Play
  4. Collection Wall
  5. The Lenses
  6. ArtLens App
  7. Content and Experience Design
  8. Collaboration and Project Team
  9. Audience Research and Evaluation
  10. Technology and Data Infrastructure
  11. Reception by the Public

Museums and the Web and the Cleveland Museum of Art thank everyone who has contributed to this important discussion, and we look forward to continuing the conversation!