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MW18 Online Collections Workshop


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Sponsored by Axiell

Online Collections are arguably the area of greatest potential for museums and cultural organizations, promising innovative new ways of enriching the collection and creating engagement and visitor communication globally. Yet that potential remains largely unfulfilled for the majority of audiences. Practitioners, researchers, and technologists in the field convene in this Community of Practice to share their learnings, their trials, and their data to the greater benefit of all. The Online Collections Community of Practice kicks off at MW17 and will continue collaborating throughout the following year with the generous support of Axiell.

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Community Mentor: Sharon Grant, Field Museum

Community Coordinator: Erin Canning, University of Toronto

The Online Collections Community of Practice addresses topics and questions such as:

  • How can the experience of collections online better complement the in-person visit to a museum, library or archive?
  • Can the online collection ever be as inspiring and affective as its analog source?
  • Which channels are most important and how do we meet the demands of the digital natives and new services that can help us reach the audience?
  • Should it aim to be?
  • How can we manage this in an efficient way, which is tied to the vision of the institution?


Online Collections FAQ

What is this thing? A chance to work with people in the industry to critically examine exciting and vital topics in and around online collections. An opportunity to work outside of institutional silos.

Why do this? As online collections become more of a need to have and less of a nice to have there is a real need to understand what approaches lead to successful deployments in varied and nuanced environments.

When do we have to do it by? We have a year from today to create something. What so we want to create? The OCCoP is as much a proof of concept as a vehicle to develop tangible stuff.
We want you to join us! Sign up here to gain access to our Slack channel and keep up to date or join in (please join in!). Check out the other CoPs while you’re at it – you will have access to all CoPs if you are curious to see what other groups are working on as well.