CoP: Immersive Storytelling

This Community of Practice is focused on storytelling and the processes, tools, and theories that help organizations create immersive, creative, and unique stories for their audiences.  This community is convened by Wezit. Community Mentor: Nancy Proctor, MuseWeb Foundation, USA; Community Coordinator: Heather Shelton, MuseWeb Foundation, USA
Ways you can participate:
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Storytelling group meeting notes (Google Doc)

Add your storytelling project to this wiki!

We want to hear from you! Please take a moment to share a few thoughts about storytelling projects you are working on (or have worked on) at your organization. What kinds of projects? Anything that involves audio-visual storytelling, crowdsourcing stories, community stories, VR/AR and storytelling, digital storytelling, publishing, etc. It’s easy to upload. Learn how. 

Storytelling in the MW Archive

Articles on Audio Storytelling

(Thanks to David Markowitz at ListenUp Audio for providing a number of these links in his MW 2017 workshop The Year of Listening)

Articles on Audio Guides and Media

Audio Guide Platforms and Producers

Fee or Low-Cost Walking Tours (Geo-Located Content)


Narrator Services

Transcription Services (Should charge around $0.80 to $1.20 a minute)

Software, Apps, and Tools

Virtual Reality Storytelling

Video Editing and Production

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