Communities of Practice

Have you ever worried about the Monday after the conference? How will you keep the excitement, the conversations, the great ideas for projects going?

MW Communities of Practice (CoP) are a new way to continue and grow the conversations and collaborations that start at MW conferences, through online and in-person interactions year-round. Communities of Practice include both cultural heritage professionals and providers of innovative products and services in the field. CoPs enable practitioners from around the world to share data, best practices, case studies and knowledge about topics of common interest as well as to collaborate on research and projects to help the community get better at its work.


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MW18 Community Of Practice Session Suggestions (Immersive Storytelling)

MW18 Community of Practice Session Suggestions (Online Collections)

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Accessibility Community of Practice Homepage

This Community of Practice is dedicated to surfacing best practices, tips and tricks, strategies as well as tactics for implementing the work of accessibility and, to some extent, the work of universal and inclusive design. Topics addressed by this Community include policy, technology, practice, community, education, evaluation, and innovation.

Immersive Storytelling

Immersive Storytelling Community of Practice Homepage

This Community of Practice is focused on the processes and tools that create immersive, inclusive, and participatory experiences of cultural and scientific heritage. Topics include virtual reality, transmedia, and augmenting reality with any any tools (digital or analog); visitor-centric and participatory approaches to experience design; crowdsourcing and working with a greater diversity of voices and stories from communities.
This Community is convened by Wezit.

Online Collections

Online Collections Community of Practice Homepage

Online Collections are arguably the area of greatest potential for museums and cultural organizations, promising innovative new ways of enriching the collection and creating engagement and visitor communication globally. Yet that potential remains largely unfulfilled for the majority of audiences. Practitioners, researchers, and technologists in the field convene in this Community of Practice to share their learnings, their trials, and their data to the greater benefit of all.
The Online Collections Community of Practice kicks off at MW17 and will continue collaborating throughout the following year with the generous support of Axiell.

Resources & Datasets

Resources & Datasets Homepage

This amalgamation of resources and datasets is a product of the Communities of Practice, and an ongoing project. Come here to find or contribute resources on issues of accessibility, immersive storytelling, and online collections in museums. The Resources & Datasets sources are provided, annotated, and tagged by the MW and CoP communities – we welcome new and ongoing contributions!